Monday, October 26, 2015

Back into swimming

Last week the Triathlon squad went to the pools for another swim session. The session was devoted on all the techniques we had learnt throughout the term.

After doing some laps non-stop, we grabbed our snorkels and did some more exercises. I still had trouble with the snorkels, but I was a whole lot better then last time.

To finish things off, we had a short race. There were 5 of us attending that session, and we all lined up. We were going to race, all together simultaneously. First was a kicking race. Collin was the victor, and I cam second. Next was a 2-part freestyle race. Stevenson came first, and in the next lap, I came first. The reason we swam so crowded is because in real triathlons, it would've been crowded anyway.

The event we are training for is near, and I look forward to it!

Reported by Iisa 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Iron Māori Whānau Hui

On Friday 16th October our Iron Māori Whānau came together for a much needed hui.  We updated whanau with the latest news regarding bikes, uniforms, fundraising, accommodation and more.

We had a little whanaungatanga session introducing ourselves because for some, it was their first hui.  It was a pleasure to acknolwledge Stellar International for their support by giving us a $1200 donation to help pay for all of the tamariki uniforms:  So they will have a Tri suit, Hoodie, T-shirt and possibly track pants.  Our kids will be reppin' PES with style down in Napier.

We talked through a few more of the organisational tasks and then shared kai. 

It was a great meeting and we have a few fundraising projects in the pipeline.   Keep an eye out in the office area for a grocery hamper and maybe buy a ticket ($2) to support our tri squad.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Term 4 training underway!

On Tuesday the Tri-athletes and Ms Tito went on our first training session for term 4 at the YMCA in G.I.  It was really tiring cycling on the spin bikes, luckily miss Tito turned on the fans or else we would have been sweating like pigs.

 We cycled for 45 minutes at different speeds, it was really hard. Swimming is really difficult for me but I'm getting there. The team is really coming together and we can't wait to compete in 7 weeks time.

Reported by Collin