Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Snorkels to the rescue!

We bought some snorkels for our Tri squad to help them focus on their swimming technique.  They wore them for the first time yesterday.  Here are their reports about their first snorkel experience...

Stevenson:  The snorkels were weird because water kept seeping through which didn't allow me to breathe properly.  I did find a solution to that but I had to play with the snorkel a lot. At first it was easy just swimming without having to turn our head and breath but when we started to do our rotation drill it started to get pretty difficult because I had to keep my head straight.
Overall I enjoyed snorkeling... I'm looking forward to the next swimming session using our snorkels.

Iisa:  Yesterday the Triathlon squad got to use new snorkels delivered to us from Wiggle in England. We were all excited to use them, as many of us haven't used any snorkels before. Personally, I found it mush easier at the start, but as the practice progressed, I found it harder and harder because my head kept going to low, therefore allowing water to come through the top. At one point I accidentally breathed in through my nose.  Overall I enjoyed using the new snorkels. I look forward to using them again, and get better at using them.

Collin:  They were very easy to use and fun.  Using them helped me to focus on my technique instead of trying to breathe the whole time.  The only thing that irritated me was when the water went through the breathing hole when my head moved. They were so much fun and I can't wait until we go to Napier.

Tyli:  I found it really hard to use them properly.  Water kept on getting in the top and I couldn't breathe properly.  it was interesting using them though!

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