Thursday, August 13, 2015

Swimming Time Trials

 Our Tri Squad training is in full swing again.  These last two weeks we have spent time doing swimming time trials and also a run time trial just to see where students were at with their fitness.

Sadly we've had a number of ailments affect our squad over the last few weeks so that's why it's taken us so long to get all our results in.  Flu, tummy bugs and other nasty viruses have been floating around attacking our poor tamariki.

We've decided as a group that our biggest focus needs to be on swimming because most students are struggling with their swim fitness.  We will be training twice a week in the pool and once a week on the spin bikes.  Students are doing their own running training in their own time.  I must admit I've been impressed with their run times.
I'll ask the students if they don't mind posting up their times - I think it would be good because then they can see their progress - and so can their whānau.

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  1. Hi Tri Squad!

    That is such a cool photo at the top with the swim caps on! Love it. All the best with your training. You are in good hands with the amazing Ms Tito.

    Mrs Lagitupu