Thursday, July 30, 2015

Khaia's holiday run

The holidays have started and I started it off with my daily run, from St Heliers to mission bay, my dad had decided to tag along. That day I was going to time myself.  My last time was 20 minutes and I was really looking forward to over taking it. It begins at the 1km mark and then I started.

It took 5 minutes to get from where I started to okahu bay. That was when I started walking but it was only for a little while. I then began to run again and it was then I got a little stitch and it burned but my dad just said to have a little sip of my water and breath slowly and of course I listened and did it surprisingly it worked. When I got near the end of Okahu Bay I saw the 2 km mark and continued my run.

I was getting closer to Mission Bay. My stitch then came back and it was worse than before so I stopped for a little bit and breathed. I started my run again and it took about 3 minutes to actually get to where I needed to go to get to the end of the 3km mark. As soon as I got there I stopped my watch to see that it only took me 12 minutes and 23 second to get there even if there were a couple of stops and there my mum was waiting for us.

I really think my running has improved I hope next time I will beat it.

by Khaia

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