Monday, June 22, 2015

Quinlan's swim training.

Last Thursday we did swim training for IronMāori. I think it was really challenging but also really fun. The Challenge was that we had to swim 6 lengths without stopping. I could swim 6 lengths but after the 6 lengths my legs were killing me but it was really good for me.

Miss Tito was filming us with the GoPro just to see what our technique looks like and how good we swim. Later on we just did some normal swimming drills like fingers, 6 kick rotation, and side kick breathe drills. We also wore cool swimming caps they said IronMāori on them I really liked the pink one.

Before we hopped out of the pool to get changed, Miss Tito gave us a fun challenge. The challenge was that we had to put a kick board between our legs and then we had to hold on to each other’s ankles and stay like that and try to go to the other side of the pool staying connected. We had to be like a snake it was funny how the boards keep slipping out and popped out into the air.

It was another fun training.

Report by Quinlan 

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