Sunday, June 14, 2015

My first spin class - Tyli

Photo taken at YMCA Leisure centre - Glen Innes

On Wednesday it was my first spin bike training at the gym.

Before training started we had to set up our bikes.  Ms Tito helped me and showed me what to do for next time.  I was so glad that I had brought my water bottle and sweat towel because I was sweating like a pig.

For our warm up I started slow and was at Level One doing my own pace for 6 minutes.  Once we were warmed up we went into the real thing.  We had to put the level up and cycle 100 rpms which is really fast and we were slowly building up time spent in each level.  It was really fun at the start but then it got so tiring that I started feeling knackered, but I wanted to push myself harder.

After the bike training, I almost fell down the stairs.  It was funny because my muscles felt like jelly.

I really enjoyed my bike training and I can't wait for the next session and the triathlon later on this year.

Reported by Tyli

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