Friday, June 26, 2015

Collin's swimming goals

On Tuesday the triathlon squad went with Ms Tito to the Whare Fono to watch ourselves swimming (GoPro footage), so that we could see how we swim and what we needed to work on.

While we were watching the video we had to write down the things we needed to work on. I need to work on keeping my legs straight when kicking and entering my arms in the water at 10 and 2. Another thing I have to do more of is controlling breathing. Sometimes I really find it hard to breath out into the water and blow out through my nose.

 For swimming we train on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think that training is very important for exercise and practice. When we train for swimming practise until we are perfect.  We practise things like different kinds of techniques and how long we can swim. If we’re lucky we’ll get some free time to play and have breathing competitions.

Anyway, I am really enjoying training with the team and Ms Tito is really kind.   I can’t wait until we go to Napier.

Reported by Collin

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